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photo: Yanai Yechiel​

Ori Kam Portrait by Yanai Yechiel


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The Strad

Telemann: 12 Fantasies for solo viola TWV40:14—25 (transcr. Kam)

Telemann’s Fantasies, published in 1735, are sometimes thought of as poor cousins to Bach’s slightly earlier unaccompanied violin and cello works, but – although admittedly less ambitious in scope – they show an equally keen musical mind at work...

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Music Review: Violist Ori Kam Kicks Off S&R Foundation’s Overtures Spring Series

"The viola is called the “Cinderella of the strings” because it often plays in the shadows of the violin and cello. But at the Kennedy Center Terrace Theater on Thursday night, it took..."

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Ori Kam And Ilan Rechtman: A Viola Soloist, And A Bernsteinian Pianist.

"Mr. Kam presented an impressive recital on Sunday"
"Mr. Kam luxuriates in the viola's dusky, warm tone..."
"...his musical integrity was consistently rewarding."
"Mr. Kam's playing at once mature and youthfully exuberant. He is an attractive, engaging presence onstage"

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Concert Review

"Violist Ori Kam played Hindemith's Sonata Op. 11 No. 4 with great warmth and freedom. Born in America but raised in Israel, he is an excellent performer with natural poise and charm; his fine..."

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Resonant Miniatures

"The directness of the music is also evident in Ori Kam's perfect new recording of the fantasies. His intense, colorful viola sounds in each movement eloquent and expressive. Kam..."

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Georg Philip Telemann 12 Fantasies For Solo Viola

"In order to realize the cycle on the viola, Ori Kam has transposed it downwards by a fifth, the score has otherwise been left unchanged. The effect is astonishing, the sound is..."

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Classical: Came (Kam) Saw And Triumphed

"Attention, Mussician's joke: Why don't violists like to visit graveyards? Because there are too many sharps (Crosses). Ori Kam, who grew up in Israel and the United States, is certainly not the..."

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My Hero

"My teacher Chaim Taub, the former concertmaster of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, was a real inspiration to me. I recently sat in his living room and listened to stories of his..."

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He's A Violist And He's Proud Of It

"Like every good Jewish boy, Ori Kam started to play the violin, then gradually shifting to the viola..."

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The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

"Season opening concert of the Israel Symphony Orchestra. Heichal Hatarbut Rishon Lezion, conducted by Mendi Rodan by CHANOCH RON Ori Kam stands on stage, a young 24 year-old Israeli, and is..."

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The Night Belongs To Ori Kam

"Bela Bartok left only outlines for his viola concerto, but the piece, which was constructed from these outlines is very beautiful and allows the sloloist to display both virtuosity and expression...."

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Amazing Duo With Brilliant Violist Ori Kam And Liran Avni (Piano) Playing In Rüdesheim

"Together with his wonderful accompanist, he executed this composition from Hindemith's "rebellious" period with an elastic profile, alternating between boisterous expressivity, and hammering...

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Gesänge, Erzählungen, Märchen

"Gesänge, Erzählungen, Märchen Von Reinhard Palmer, Gauting Drei Israelis mit internationalem Renommee: Matan Porat, Ori und Sharon Kam glänzen im Bosco mit enormer Expressivität und filigranen..."

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Win Het Album Van De Week: Contrasts

"Win het Album van de Week: Contrasts Op het album Contrasts speelt de vooraanstaande klarinettiste Sharon Kam samen met haar broer, altviolist Ori Kam en pianist Matan Porat een dramatisch, scherp..."

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