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This recording includes "Le Marteau Sans Maître", written in 1955 and still one of the most challenging pieces for viola. Conducted by the composer, Pierre Boulez.

  • P. Boulez - Le Marteau Sans Maitre

  • P. Boulez - Derive II

Deutsche Gramophone
March 2017

By the invitation of Maestro Daniel Barenboim, Ori joined Pierre Boulez for a performance of "Le Marteau Sans Maitre" in the Salzburg Festival in August 2009. This concert led to an ongoing project between the Divan orchestra and the music of Pierre Boulez, which culminated in the orchestra's cycle of the Beethoven Symphonies at the BBC Proms, which were combined with a major Boulez composition in each concert. Ori performed both the "Marteau" and "Derive II" in this project, which was later released by Deutsche Gramophone in this exciting album.

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